Friday, 19 January 2018

2018 UFO Challenges

I am determined to make a dent in my UFO pile this year,  hopefully without adding a bunch of news ones to the list. In that pursuit, I have decided to join not only Judy's UFO challenge at Patchwork Times, but the American Patchwork & Quilting challenge and "18 in 2018".  I'll say right now, there will be some liberties taken with the UFO chosen. Judy and APQ are both drawing numbers from ours lists - I'll pick one and call it the UFO for the month for both of those challenges. If I have extra time to tackle a second before the next month, I'll use the other number.  Since the third challenge wants 18, I have a few to spare if I get ahead of myself with the first 2 challenges.

So, here's my list:
  1. 150 Canadian Women 
  2. small bulging checkerboard 
  3. Kaffe jacob's ladder 
  4. purple/olive quilt (needs borders) 
  5. Richmond guild mystery 
  6. Winding Ways 
  7. en Provence 
  8. Blackford's Beauty 
  9. hexies 
  10. Labyrinth 
  11. Peace, Love, Quilt mystery (hearts) 
  12. scrappy swoon 
  13. Row by Row 
  14. yellow triangles 
  15. Kaffe Handkerchief quilt 
  16. Easy Street 
  17. Modern Plus 
  18. one fabric quilt 
It will be maintained and updated on my 2018 Projects tab.

And getting off to a good start - #5 is already done (even though it was not the number for either challenge this month).  This is the mystery quilt from the Richmond Guild last year - finally finished and ready to donate to Victoria's Quilts Canada.  I pulled these fabrics because I'd bought them as a set to make "something" and never found a pattern to go with them. When the mystery came out, I had just the right amount of the red and black for this design.  The border used up the last bits of red, and the scrappy binding pretty much cleaned me out. Perfect!


  1. Well, congratulations on your ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS first 2018 finish. I am happy that you joined us! It will be such a fun journey!

  2. You have nice projects on your list - love the grid you made on the other page. This quilt is nice - how perfect for the mystery to use the amounts you had. :)