Monday, 1 January 2018

Happy New Year

I just wouldn't be New Year's Day without the annual mystery-fest.  In fact, this year 2 of my old standbys for New Year's mysteries have abandoned me.  So that left me with the option of Merry Mayhem, who is still going strong with her fabulous designs.  I talked myself out of it
several times. I have Bonnie Hunter to work on, and more than enough UFOs in my closet. I certainly don't need another one. 

I was holding strong - until about 5:00 today when I went downstairs to quilt a couple of charity quilts for Victoria's Quilts. We meet next Wednesday, and I am way behind on my commitment to them.  But, the new longarm does its job well, and really doesn't need me at all for most of the time.  So, rather than sitting around doing nothing, I pulled some fabric, loaded up Merry's web page, and got to work.

2 charity quilts complete, and one New Year's Day mystery - DONE.  Ok, it's just a little bitty top, and it still needs quilting, but the mystery part is done.  I might make another set of blocks and join them - that would create a quilt the right size for Victoria's Quilts. But for now, I have once again succumbed to the lure of the New Year's Day mystery and mastered it.

Now, back to sewing Bonnie Hunter's quilt together.  Here are a couple of my blocks.  Lots more to assemble before I can start putting this quilt together.

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