Sunday, 21 January 2018

Merry Mayhem

I told all my quilty friends this year that I was NOT doing any New Year's Day mysteries.  2 of my "usual" were not offering this year, so that was an easy choice. Merry Mayhem was doing hers, but I had enough on my plate. Especially when Bonnie Hunter released a clue a day from December 29 on.  So I was all set to skip New Year's Day this year and just work on my own stuff. But people kept talking about Merry Mayhem. And the guild was doing a sew day on Jan 2 for it. So I glanced at the fabric requirements and clue 2 (which I got early because I seem to be on Merry's mailing list) and made some tentative choices from my pile of fat quarters. But I was NOT doing the mystery.

And then, New Year's Day rolled around.  I was on my own, and decided to quilt a pile of charity quilts so that I could take them to our Victoria's Quilts meeting the next week.  And sitting around waiting for the new fancy computerized machine to finish the quilt was kind of boring. So, around 3:00 I looked at a few more clues from Merry.  At about clue 4 I thought "that looks really nice" - and I headed upstairs to grab the fat quarters I had identified.

One baby quilt done, 3 hours later.  And I really like it!  But it's too small to be donated, and there are no babies in the family, so on January 2 I grabbed another set of fat quarters, made the quilt again, and added a row to each end of my original quilt.  Then, I was only 8" short of the magic size, so I cut up some of my leftover fabric for a piano key border on each end.

And since I was in charity quilting mode, I dropped it into the queue, quilted it up, bound it with some more of the leftover bits from the fat quarters, and Voila!  My first start - and finish - for 2018.  16 fat quarters in total, with about eight 6" squares of fabric leftover.  I should take a photo of the back - it's a really funky flower-power print  on a turquoise background (flannel).

I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts, and Can I Get a Whoop Whoop! just in the nick of time for Finish it up Friday this week.


  1. It is a beautiful baby quilt, with a great visual appeal. Congrats for the first start. ♥

  2. Your quilt is very pretty. I have not yet finished my Merry Mayhem top......but it is on the list.

    Thank you for the eye candy.

  3. Only 3 hours?! Sounds like that needs to be your next Go To donation quilt pattern!!! Sometimes a new project is EXACTLY what we quilters need.

  4. Two friends made the NY Mystery quilt too. They were both really cute. I missed the clues though. I like yours made a bit bigger with the added borders. Great job!