Thursday, 4 January 2018

Block Party plan

My block party group starts up again this month, and I'm on deck for the first meeting. I've had a quilt in mind for a while now - ever since I quilted it for a customer.  At our December meeting, I fell in love with some fabric - the purple paisleys in the back, in this photo. So I bought what I though was enough for the quilt and set out to prepare my plan. Unfortunately, I was math-challenged that day, and only ended up with 1/2 of what I would need.  I considered a follow-up shopping trip to buy more, but instead I decided to go stash diving.

The colour in these photos is terrible :( but I came up with a lovely set of purples and teals for my quilt. I think the tone-on-tone from my stash will give the quilt more life than it would have had if I'd gone with the original plan (all  paisleys).  Here is my first set of test blocks, to take to the Block Party meeting at the end of the month.  None of the pretty fabric made it into these testers, because I wanted to save it all for the final quilt.

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  1. Please explain "block party group." My apologies if I've missed a previous reference.