Sunday, 28 January 2018

Diamonds Within #4

I rarely make a quilt more than once. But this one is apparently an exception.  I saw this in a book (Diamond Chain, by Barbara Cline) and knew I just had to make it. So, the first version was completed in 2013.

The local quilt shop wanted me to do a class on it, but thought it would sell better as a square quilt.  So, #2 came about - squared up and colours reversed so the star is coloured and the background pale.

Then, a friend (actually, a student from that class) asked for help completing her quilt, so I took care of that for her last year.

And recently I dug up the bits leftover from the class samples when I taught it back in 2014.  These have finally become a full quilt, pictured here.  One day, I'll even get this one quilted, but for now it's going to sit at the bottom of the pile, because I'm pretty tired of this particular pattern.

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