Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Ruler bag V2

After making my first ruler bag (see yesterday's post), I realized that I needed a lighter option. Hence, ruler bag V2 - the portfolio. This case carries a 24x18" mat in a zipper pocket on one side, with a sleeve for a 24" ruler in front of it.  And on the back side, 2 zipper pockets to carry a few rulers or other odds and ends.  I made this one with 2 handles - one for carrying by hand (really short, so it doesn't drag on the ground) and one for carrying over your shoulder - which could have been longer, but it does the job.

I've taken this bag to a couple of day retreats since it was completed.  It is incredibly light, and definitely reduces the juggling required to carry the cutting mat and rulers from car to room.

The pattern for this bag is available from my Craftsy store

1 comment:

  1. Your new ruler bag V2 is beautiful. My favorite color is purple, so right away I was in love! I don't seem to ever find time to make myself anything like these, but I should stop and do one because I can so use one. I am going back to see your first one.