Sunday, 14 January 2018

Single Girl Garden

Sometimes a plan comes together. And sometimes it doesn't.  This quilt started with some damaged blocks. I repaired a "single girl" quilt for a friend a couple of years ago, and had to remove these 16 blocks because they all had small holes in them (from unpicking stitches). At first I was thinking I could applique flowers over the holes, and create a garden look on her quilt - but I decided that probably wouldn't be as pretty in reality as it was in my head, so I scrapped the idea and just finished the quilt with the undamaged blocks.

These have sat in my sewing room since then, so I finally decided it was time to move them out.  Going back to my original thinking, I put them together with some green at the bottom and a grey border to try to get the size a bit closer to a donation quilt.  I pulled out all the (few) flower prints I had in my stash, started by covering the holes, and then tried to turn it in to a field of flowers raining down.

No completely happy with this one. I like the bottom half - but not so much the top. I think maybe because it's a bit dark. I'll have to see what I can do with quilting, and maybe find a way to spruce it up.


  1. I love the idea but I kind of feel like they're two different quilts that got mashed together and I think its because of the harsh line between the light blue and the dark grey. Maybe you can somehow add a transition that helps blend the two colors.

  2. Are all of the holes in the middle? Why not just cut out the middle and reverse applique them? Then take off the bottom that doesn't seem to match and use a border that better matches the original colour scheme? That is, if you feel like transforming it again and haven't quilted it yet.

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