Sunday, 13 January 2013

A word to the wise

Or, perhaps more accurately, a word to the impatient, who can't be bothered to clear their cutting table before wrangling with trimming a full size quilt.

The blade cover on your rotary cutter exists for a reason!

Sigh.  I wanted to get my son's quilt trimmed, so I could sit down for a couple of hours and try to finish the binding before my guild meeting on Wednesday.  So, I didn't take the time to clear my table off, despite the large size of the quilt.  I swept a 30" section clear, and started trimming.  And as I reached beneath the quilt to grab an edge of the fabric to straighten it, I found instead my rotary cutter. Embedded in the tip of my finger.

The good news:
  • No blood on the quilt
  • It's my left hand, so I can still sew
  • I don't need stitches
Listed in order of importance, of course :) 

And as I finished trimming the quilt, I remembered to slide the blade cover on my rotary cutter at least 80% of the time.  That other 20% may be a problem, however. I'm afraid that if I can't reliably remember to cover it immediately after slicing my finger, it may be a lost cause.

1 comment:

  1. Then at least put it somewhere other than under your work-in-progress.