Friday, 11 January 2013

On the Needles - Jan 11

Not much knitting progress here this week.  As expected, going back to work has seriously cramped my crafting time :)  I did finish 2 more pattern repeats on the hat I'm working on, but I don't have a new picture of that.  And nothing else has been touched.

In fact, the poor hat had a bit of a setback.  I left the project bag on the floor Tuesday night, and when Roomba ran the next morning it snagged a loose end of yarn.  End result - about 2 yards of yarn wrapped around Roomba's brushes, and the active yarn from my hat snapped off at the needle.

So, after unstitching back far enough to produce an end that could be woven in, I joined the yarn and continued on.  Now the bag stays on a shelf.


  1. I was sure you were going to say a dog ate it , so I was surprised when it was the roomba!

  2. Nice though I love the yarn and color! Too bad about the roomba