Saturday, 12 January 2013

Quiltathon Progress

Judy is hosting a quiltathon this weekend.  I haven't had as much time to participate as I had hoped, but I have made progress on a few projects.  First, two solid hours of quilting this morning produced this single block.  Only one more to go, which might get done tomorrow.

A much easier, and quicker, result came from the Craftsy BOM.  Just a few minutes produced 4 offset log cabin blocks for that quilt.  That was a nice break after the paper piecing.

My BOM list grew this week, but on the good news side, I have caught up on all of them except for 2: 1 more Dancing with the Stars block to complete; and I just have to trim 56 half-square triangles for the Border Creek Station mystery.

A quick update on my "Get it done" goals for this month:
  1. Catch up on Dancing with the Stars BOM - including the January blocks.  5 done, only 1 more to go
  2. Catch up on Gardener's Alphabet stitching.  That's probably too big a challenge, so let's just say I'll finish block D, and do at least 1 more (I have A, B, E, F to do).  I did get some stitching done on "D" today
  3. Quilt Grant's quilt.  This poor thing has waited through 2 years of UFO challenges, and still isn't done.  No more excuses - I'll load it on my long arm before I put anything else on there, and get it done.   Only one more row to quilt.
  4. Make 2 quilties for guild this month.  This might interfere with #3, so I'll have to think about how to get them all quilted this month.  Or maybe if I load Grant's quilt tomorrow, I'll be obligated to finish it so that I can load up the quilties. I dug out 2 tops, which I will quilt as soon as Grant's quilt comes off the long arm.  I have until Wednesday to finish these.
Excellent!  I've made progress on all fronts, although nothing is done yet.

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