Monday, 7 January 2013

Design Wall Monday - Jan 7, 2013

After a hiatus over Christmas, my sewing room was buzzing this weekend.  Judy's "Get it Done" challenge inspired me.  I pulled out my projects, reviewed all my monthly projects (listed here), and decided to jump in and tackle some of them.  My design wall now has a mix of 3 different projects on it.  On the top right are the blocks from my guild's mystery quilt.  Below that, Dancing with the Stars.  And on the left, the mess of fabrics I received in the guild "Ugly fabric" exchange.  The dark fabrics are my (not ugly) addition to the set.

First on the agenda this weekend, I pulled out Dancing with the Stars. These paper pieced blocks are really time consuming, so I need a pretty big chunk of time before I'm willing to tackle any of them.  I have to wash the fabric (by hand, because the pieces are so small in the kit), dry it, cut the pieces, and paper piece each block - most containing upwards of 40-50 pieces.  This was my main focus this past weekend, and I successfully completed 4 blocks in 2 days of work.  Two blocks left to go, and I think this entire quilt is complete and ready for assembly.

Then, I needed a break. Something a bit more mindless. So, rather than jump into another of my "Get it Done" projects, I pulled out the guild mystery quilt.  This mystery started in October, and I've been collecting instructions but had done nothing with them.  So I am 3 months behind.  I found some lovely fabric this past week, at the LQS anniversary sale, and now I'm all set to go.  I jumped in and cut & sewed, and in about 2 hours I have caught up on this mystery.  And, I think I know where it's going.  Taking the blocks from the top picture, with the 8 1/2" focus blocks, and the strips I have cut out, I can see a pattern forming.

And now, it's time to go back to work. After 2 weeks off, this is going to be a bit of a shock, and my quilting will, I'm sure, suffer for it.  But on the good side, I have lots of progress to show for this weekend.

Current progress on "Getting it Done"
  1. Catch up on Dancing with the Stars BOM - 4 blocks done, 2 left to go
  2. Catch up on Gardener's Alphabet stitching.
  3. Quilt Grant's quilt. Loaded, and 2 passes quilted
  4. Make 2 quilties for guild this month.


  1. It is the time for all of our lists to get done this year :) I look forward to seeing all the new (and old) projects.

  2. I love your dancing with the stars quilt, I am working on a paper pieced BOM that has similar stars and number of pieces. I need to get the last kit from the shop and FINISH it. I am not languishing in piecing, I am making more of a goal to quilt the tops I have done. I hope to get batting, maybe a roll!!